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My God...It's Full of Salt - Gamer Parody Tee - T-shirts - Aardvark Tees

My God...It's Full of Salt - Gamer Parody Tee


The life of the gamer is a hard one - literally piles of salt everywhere, coating the ground, floating around in the air, getting into your eyes. You can't even visit the moon without being surrounded by The Salt.

Our spin features an astronaut kneeling before a gigantic PC, hands thrown up in the frustration only a True Gamer (TM) can know...you know, right after you've thrown the controller at the wall... The Salt...THE SAAAAAALLLLLLLT

Printed in White and Blue on a Black preshrunk cotton tee.

We'll Priority-mail (with delivery confirmation) your shirt in a jiff, so you can strut for your pals. Be the envy of your crowd!

Be sure to visit us at www.aardvarktees.com for even more designs!

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